New Catholic Facility for Stillwater

Aerial View of new St. Francis Catholic Church (Rendering)


by Alyssa Bullock, Contributing Writer

St. Francis Xavier Rendering
St. Francis Xavier Rendering


St. Francis Xavier has a long legacy in Stillwater. It was founded not long after the city itself, in 1895, and has been in the same place, 6th and West Street, since then. The university ministry, now St. John’s parish near Gallagher Iba Arena, began there as well. The Catholic community has endured much since it’s founding, and has presented a wonderful example of faith through hardship, standing strong today. Now, construction is underway for a new facility, one that will house all parish ministries, with the current building kept as a downtown chapel. Located on the west side of town on Country Club and McElroy, this new facility will be spacious and set apart from the craziness of downtown life without being too far removed.


So far the land has been cleared and prepared for concrete work such as parking lots and sidewalks, and the water line has been lowered and upgraded. The excess dirt has been removed so the site looks more appealing from the road. There is much left to be done, but when finished, the new parish will be a wonderful addition to the city’s landscape; it is at once the start of a new history and the continuation of one so full and rich.