Around Town (July 2018)

Sometimes when we are out and about around town, cool products, services, or experiences catch our attention, or we stumble upon a hidden gem that we want to share with our readers throughout the community. By doing so, we hope to encourage each of you to shop local as well as support hometown musicians, artists, and attractions too. Stillwater has so many great things to offer, we can’t help but to crow about it!

This month, in keeping with the summer season, we decided to feature sweet treats, specifically some of the best places to get snow cones and shaved ice!

We sampled two of Pete’s Treats’ most popular snow cones (left to right): Rainbow and Mr. Pete.

Pete’s Treats Gourmet Ice

Pete’s Treats Gourmet Shaved Ice is “serving Stillwater one cup at a time for three decades with excellent smiling service.” Located at Cowboy Corner, on the corner of 6th Ave. and Duck St.,  Pete’s Treats Gourmet Shaved Ice has combined with Cowboy Corner Shaved Ice, which has been open for 30 years!

“When we put that little building there, we were the first in town,” said owner and OSU Alumnus, Kevin T. Gum. “I started the concept after growing up in Louisiana and spending my summers buying shaved ice from Hank’s Snoballs. A couple years after I started running Cowboy Convenience Store, I decided to put a little snow cone building on that corner. Stillwater has been good to us!”

Pete’s most popular snow cones are Rainbow featuring cherry, blueberry, and banana flavoring and Mr. Pete featuring Silverfox (vanilla cream) and Dreamsicle.


Austin made three of his most popular snow cones for us to sample (left to right): Dragonslayer, Blue Island, and Josh’s Mix.

Josh’s Sno Shack-Stillwater

Located on the south side of Food Pyramid’s parking lot, on Hall of Fame, Josh’s Sno Shack-Stillwater is owned by OSU Senior, Austin Anderson. Anderson grew up working at Josh’s Sno Shack in Tulsa, where owner and founder, Josh Juarez still has 12 locations.

“We try to provide a quality summer experience with shaded picnic tables, yard games, and a great selection of flavors,” said Anderson. “If you drive by in the evening, you will see lots of families and young people playing games and hanging out.”

Josh’s Sno Shack’s most popular snow cones include Dragonslayer, Blue Island, and Josh’s Mix.  Dragonslayer is a mix of dragon fruit, peach, and pink lemonade. Blue Island includes coconut, strawberry, and blue raspberry. And Josh’s Mix is the house special. It’s “red and fruity” and other than that, Austin said that the flavors used are a secret recipe.


We enjoyed sampling fan favorite Trashy Strawberry (left) and Random Sugar High (right) at Trailer Trash Treatz.

Trailer Trash Treatz Stillwater

If you are looking for a more adventurous snow cone experience, try Trailer Trash Treatz. Located at 615 W. 6th Ave., this snow cone venue was a very popular addition to the Stillwater shaved ice scene two years ago. This year, they are back on 6th, not far from their original location when they first opened in Stillwater.

We tried Trashy Strawberry and Random Sugar High. Fan favorite Trashy Strawberry is made with strawberry cheesecake flavored shaved ice, vanilla ice cream in the middle, and topped with a slice of cheesecake, a strawberry, and whipped cream. YUM!  For the truly adventurous, Random Sugar High features three random flavors and three random toppings. Ours had margarita, trash can punch, and orchid cream vanilla flavored shaved ice and it was topped with sour patch kids, sour gummy bears, and sour gummy worms.


Tropical Yeti Shaved Ice snow cones (left to right): Pistol Pete and Splattered Frog.

Tropical Yeti Shaved Ice

Kids enrolled in the Stillwater Public Library reading program this summer know about Tropical Yeti Shaved Ice. This family owned business is one of the Library’s summer reading program sponsors this year! Tropical Yeti is located in the Lowe’s parking lot on north Perkins Road.  We enjoyed both of the flavors we tried and were shocked that we were the first to ask for the Pistol Pete as it was quite delicious. Pistol Pete is made with orange, peach, and black cherry flavors. Splattered Frog is a colorful mix of sour apple and cherry flavors.




We couldn’t resist the Strawberry Shortcake parfait made with pound cake crumbs, strawberry italian ice, vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream, strawberry sauce, and a slice of strawberry.

PurdyQ Sweet Treats

One place you can usually find the PurdyQ Sweet Treat truck is at Friday Food Trucks and Tunes. That’s where we tracked them down in June this year and enjoyed selections from their gourmet dessert and sweet treat truck. Not only do they feature a variety of shaved ice and snow cone flavors but they also have shakes, malts, ice cream, italian ice, parfaits, and more. If you want to know where to find them next, we suggest giving them a call at 405-564-0564.



Have you seen something great around town you think we should know about? Submit it for an upcoming “Around Town” feature by emailing our editor with a good high resolution photograph, a few sentences about what it is, where you found it, and why you think it’s so great.