CASA for Kids Volunteer of the Month for August

Story and Photos provided by CASA of Payne and Logan Counties

Swearing in ceremony in March 2016
Shelly Sturgeon, on the right, at her swearing in ceremony in March 2016

Shelly Sturgeon has been selected as CASA for Kids Volunteer of the Month for August.  Shelly is a new volunteer who has put her passion into our organization.  Aside from her family’s work with Sturgeon Family Farms, Shelly is retired from Ripley Public Schools, where she was the director of Finance.  Her sister-in-law, also a CASA Volunteer, brought awareness of CASA to Shelly.  After years of working with children in the public schools, she knows the need that exists in our community for our children.  She recognized quickly how each case can look so different.  Being a CASA Volunteer opens your eyes and hearts, and you are changed when you are made aware of predispositions to judge children or family situations.  Every situation is different, and CASA volunteers learn to put all those feelings aside when doing what is best for kids. We are grateful for Mrs. Sturgeon’s time and willingness to make a difference in the lives of children.  Shelly and her husband Tom have been married for 28 years.  They have three daughters and two grandchildren.