CASA Volunteer of the Month for April 2019

Deonna Stanton, April 2019 CASA for Kids Volunteer of the Month

Story and photos provided by CASA for Kids—Serving Payne and Logan Counties

This April, CASA for Kids celebrates Deonna Stanton as the Volunteer of the Month. Deonna has lived in Logan County for three decades. She has been married for 34 years, and has two adult children and one grandchild. She’s taught in both the Crescent and Guthrie school systems, and her experience as a teacher is how she first learned about CASA.

“When I found out about this program, I thought that is something I’d really want to do because kids are not spoken up for enough,” Deonna said.

She trained last October, was sworn in Nov. 7, and a week later was assigned her first case. Like many CASA volunteers, Deonna liked that she was helping close to home in the county where she lives.

CASA stands for court-appointed special advocate. Many people don’t realize how powerful that role is.

“It’s really surprising how hands on you get to be,” Deonna explained. “You have a court-order, so you can have access to so much information. It really helps you get all sides of the story and see how those sides can come together. When you have that and know how to use it—it is all confidential—it’s a powerful tool. It allows you to step right into everything that is going on with a case.”

CASAs work directly with the courts. They turn in written reports and appear at the court hearings to discuss their recommendations directly with the judge.

Training groups start several times a year. If you are looking for a way to serve locally and help children, consider saying “Yes!” to CASA. To learn more, call CASA for Kids in Payne and Logan County at 405-624-2242 or email