CASA Volunteer of the Month for June 2018

Amy Rogers is CASA for Kids volunteer of the month June 2018

CASA for Kids Volunteer of the Month for June is Amy Rogers. Amy is from Oklahoma and attended Crescent Middle School and High School.  After college she moved to Nashville where she attended Graduate School and was ordained as a minister. She has served in the 1st Christian Church in Nashville and is currently serving as the minster at First Presbyterian Church of Guthrie, OK.  She and her husband live west of Guthrie in the woods and enjoy spending time in the garden and working in the yard. They have five children and five grandchildren–all girls.

Amy loves children and has a soft spot to help them. She was motivated to become a CASA Volunteer after hearing about issues going on in Logan County on the local news. She knew this was the time to get involved and help change lives. Amy says this is a way for her to put ministry in to practice and address the realities of poverty in her local community. Being a CASA Volunteer is where the “rubber meets the road,” said Amy. She has been thrilled with the training she has received and is currently serving 2 children. Amy believes that serving as a CASA Volunteer will allow her to offer the support hurting children need so that they can figure out life can be lived differently.

Amy wants others to know that volunteers can learn as they go and the support from the CASA Staff in incredible.  Can you say yes to CASA? To learn more call 405-624-2242 or visit