CASA Volunteer of the Month for October 2019

Kayla Scalf

Story and photo provided by CASA for Kids serving Payne and Logan Counties

Kayla Scalf is the CASA Volunteer of the Month for October. Kayla originally moved to Stillwater to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Family Relations and Child Development. After graduation, she worked for DHS for nearly seven years. She is now a special education and PE teacher for Ripley Public Schools. With her professional background, CASA was a logical fit.

“I was missing social work,” Kayla said. “I missed helping families stay together. It’s my calling.”

She’s been a CASA volunteer for two years, and she is working on her second case. Both cases involved one child, a decision Kayla made to help fit CASA into the busy schedule of a working mother.

“I try to pick cases that work with my lifestyle, my work and family,” Kayla said. “You have to find balance.”

Another strategy Kayla uses to manage the work load is to partner with another CASA.

“I have a friend I am able to serve with,” she said. “We both work full-time, but having a partner takes a lot of the stress off. You share the work load.”

Kayla noted that most people would be surprised at how much need there is for CASA. “The CASA worker has so much information. It’s valued by the court and supported by so many people: the DHS case workers are asking for CASAs; the attorneys are asking for CASAs; the judge is asking for CASAs.”

Working with a partner makes volunteering as a CASA more accessible for many. If you and a friend are interested in serving as a CASA team, new training cohorts are starting throughout the year. Learn more by visiting or calling 405-624-2242.