CASA Volunteers of the Month for May 2018

Barbara Stone and Carson Lundeen are CASA for Kids Volunteer of the Month for May 2018.

CASA for Kids May Volunteers of the month are Barbara Stone and Carson Lundeen.

Barbara grew up in Stillwater and has degrees from both OU and OSU, one in Economics and the other in Spanish.  She speaks 4 different languages and is in the Army where she works in Human Intelligence. When finished she would like to obtain a job in Oklahoma City.

Barbara had a difficult childhood and credits God for getting her through.  She has a great desire to help other children and families transform their future.  She has spent time in Brazil and Chile working with children where she realized that spending time with them was their biggest desire.  Barbara believes that giving her time demonstrates she cares.

Carson grew up in the Deercreek/Edmond area and attended the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO.  He is an incredible musician and plays many instruments.  In addition, he is in the OSU Aviation program training so that he can become a fighter pilot in the Air Force.

Barbara and Carson have huge hearts for helping others. In their journey to help others they found CASA, and currently serve together on a single CASA case. They are grateful for the opportunity to get in the trenches with children and help bring about life long change. Because of all the changes in the lives of the children CASA serves, time, as Barbara discovered in South America, is a catalyst to create successful futures. Carson and Barbara are hopeful that with the crisis in education, and lack of funding for DHS, that being a CASA Volunteer will help fill a void in these children’s lives which will help break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Please say yes to CASA like Barbara and Carson did!  To learn more call 405-624-2242.