City Employee Earns Roads Scholar Certificate

John Mehan (right) receives his Roads Scholar Program certificate.


The City of Stillwater congratulates Maintenance Worker John Mehan on the receipt of his certificate of completion for the Roads Scholar Program.

Mehan qualified for this award after completing eight courses totaling to 112 hours related to road and bridge maintenance, construction, and repair.

“John is a performance-driven employee,” said Sean Eisensmith, Operations field services supervisor. “He took the initiative to further his education in his area of expertise to better serve our community. As City employees, it is our duty to provide high-quality programs and services that support the City’s mission.”

The Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology administers the certificate through an extension program called the Local Technical Assistance Program.

The program began in Oklahoma as an educational series designed for county commissioners, county road foreman, city public works officials, tribal officials and the employees of public transportation and infrastructure agencies.

The purpose of the program is to provide individuals with a basic education in the technical and civil engineering related aspects of their jobs.

To learn more about the Local Technical Assistance Program at Oklahoma State University, go to