Construction Begins at The Ranch

The “Foundation Blessing” was performed by Reverend Tish Malloy, District Superintendent, Northern Prairie, and member of the Board of Directors.

Story submitted by The Ranch

Retirees in Stillwater have something to celebrate. The long-awaited groundbreaking for The Ranch has officially taken place and construction has started on the new facility, with an anticipated completion date in early 2018.

With over 55 beautiful acres of land, Stillwater’s first and only Continuing Care Retirement Community will feature cottages and one or two bedroom apartments for independent living Charter Members interior finishes and features.

“We are thrilled to have nearly 100 charter members who, from the start, have seen our vision and have believed in our goals to provide Stillwater with the industry’s best offerings for retirement living,” said Joe Haney, VP of Advancement.  “We have a select few Charter Memberships left that include exclusive benefits that are available.”

Why The Ranch

foundation-blessing11forwebThe Ranch will be Stillwater’s only Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC.  A CCRC provides lifetime housing with the assurance of on-site health care if needed. Unlike long-term care insurance, The Ranch’s Life Care provides a home for life and a higher level of care when needed.

The beautiful campus will boast amenities that range from an on-site financial institution, a wellness/fitness center, a bistro, chapel, classrooms, convenience store, conference areas, main and private dining to an on-site health care clinic. A variety of social gathering spots and activities available means that you don’t have to worry about leaving your hometown community or missing out on all your favorite OSU and community events.  In addition, you won’t have to establish new relationships with your long-time doctors, financial advisors, lawyers or other service providers, because you’ll be in the same community in which you build your life and career.  

What does The Ranch mean for Stillwater?

In 2012 Stillwater earned its designation as an Oklahoma’s first Certified Retirement Community.  Chosen for its low crime rate, affordable housing, public safety, volunteer opportunities and public transportation, The Ranch adds another level of services available to retirees in our area. With recent additions to our community for other demographics, The Ranch rounds out yet another attraction for seniors to come and enjoy life in our hometown.  The job growth provided by The Ranch will be an added benefit to our local economy as well. Between construction and staffing of the finished facility, The Ranch will provide jobs for over 500 people. Local students from Meridian Technology Center’s Health Science program and Northern Oklahoma College nursing school now have an additional opportunity for local job placement.

Progress and Schedule of Completion

Now that construction has begun, progress will be visible and active at the job site on the north entrance to Stillwater.  Recently, a “Foundation Blessing” was performed by Reverend Tish Malloy, District Superintendent, Northern Prairie, and member of the Board of Directors.  

“The Foundation Blessing is a symbol that we are building our community on faith,” said Haney. “We are proud of our company principles and they will be present in every aspect of our operations.”

Existing Charter Members are being contacted now to start picking out finishes and features for their residences, Haney reported. Each member will be contacted by a staff member to come to The Ranch office, located in Fountain Square, to begin the customization process.

The Ranch is slated for an early 2018 completion at this time. As with all construction projects of this scale, they are wary of weather delays.  However, if you are interested in watching the progress at the site, the construction firm in charge will be providing weekly photos of progress on The Ranch’s website,  You can watch as the foundation is poured, the walls are constructed and the community rises up from the beautiful rolling field.

If you have been considering life at The Ranch, Haney says now is the time to get on board.

“We have just a few charter memberships left,” said Haney. “There are certain added benefits that are only available to our Charter Members. There are benefits such as choosing finishes in your residence, upgrades and incentives for occupancy that will not be available once we reach our maximum number of Charter Members.”

If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member of The Ranch, contact Joe Haney or Kristin Carter at 405-743-2990. For more information, visit