From Drab to FAB!ulous!

Story and photos provided by Nook and Cranny Mercantile

After a while, we all get tired of our surroundings, especially around this time of year. Something you purchased ten years ago just no longer speaks to you. Let’s take for example your couch or sofa. That upholstery may have been in vogue a few years back but now it just needs to go.  Don’t kick it to the curb or put it in a garage sale for $5, just paint it!

If you have re-upholstered a piece of furniture lately, you know how pricey fabric and labor can be.

If you are up for a little “DIY” and have a can-do attitude, you can get a whole new look on a Saturday afternoon.

As owners of Nook and Cranny Mercantile, we know all about painting fabric. We are constantly on the look-out for pieces that need a redo. For example, these wing-back chairs were stained, outdated and in need of a face-lift.

Before starting the project we wiped down the chairs with a damp cloth, just to remove dust and debris. Next, we applied FAB!, a primer/sealer.  FAB! is manufactured in the USA by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company. This revolutionary product goes on to create a paint barrier between the fabric and the paint. This product prevents cracking and keeps the painted fabric from feeling crunchy. Once we applied a thorough coat of FAB! we allowed it to dry.  Next, we applied two coats of Heirloom Traditions chalk type paint, sanding the chairs between coats (this also helps keep the fabric from getting crunchy). Once completely dry, we sealed the chairs using FAB! once again and they went from drab to FAB!    

Once your fabric is FAB!ed, it is water and stain resistant making it ideal for your sun faded patio furniture cushions, umbrella, and fabric awnings.

drabtofabThese chairs have since sold, but stop by Nook and Cranny Mercantile and we will be happy to show you other examples of painted fabric.

Nook and Cranny Mercantile is on the forefront of bringing new and unique DIY products to Stillwater and surrounding communities.  Coming soon will be new fabric stencils, stamps, and stencil rollers.

Be sure to stop in Tuesday thru Saturday, from 10-5.

Nook and Cranny Mercantile is located at 10th and Main, just across from the Roundabout and next door to Granny’s Restaurant. Follow us on Fb and Instagram: Nook and Cranny Mercantile.

Come visit our Holiday Open House, Sunday, November 20, 1-5 pm and Monday, November 21, 10am – 5pm. We will have refreshments and “make and take projects” on Sunday, November 20.