From the Editor (April edition)

Dear Readers,

I know many of you–if not in person, then by name or face, because you may have visited the Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History over the past seven and half years.  Others, I may have met through our children’s extra-curricular activities, cub scouts, girl scouts, PTA, or music programs.  Some of you may recognize me only through my historical articles and articles promoting events at the Sheerar Museum.  Whether you know me and my husband or not, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as the new owners of Stillwater Living Magazine.

My husband, Jefferson Bryant, has over 20 years of experience in sales and has spent more than a decade producing quality technical, editorial, and advertising content for over a dozen different print and digital publications. He has even contributed a few articles to Stillwater Living Magazine. Jefferson’s primary focus has been automotive journalism; he is the author of six books and he is the editor-in-chief of Street Tech Magazine.

Jefferson was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His parents met while earning their degrees from OSU.  He grew up in Midwest City, Ponca City, and Colorado Springs before moving to Stillwater to attend OSU. He has lived and worked in Stillwater since 1997.

Throughout Jefferson’s freelance automotive journalism career, I have served as his copy editor.  In 2008, I began working for the Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History. It was through my role as Museum Director that I became acquainted with Sarah Little and began contributing to Stillwater Living Magazine. As the local history Museum’s Director, I have had the opportunity to learn more about Stillwater–both its past and its present–and I have worked to build relationships between the Sheerar Museum and other organizations throughout the community.

I was born in Perry, Oklahoma and grew up in Ponca City. It was in Ponca City that I met Jefferson’s sister, who became my best friend all through High School. She introduced me to Jefferson. I earned my BA in Social Sciences and Secondary Education from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva, Oklahoma. I also attended graduate school at OSU, where I earned my MA of History.

Jefferson and I were married in Bennett Chapel on campus in 2000. We chose to build our life together in Stillwater and cannot imagine raising our three children anywhere else. We believe in the greatness of our community and look forward to sharing the people, places, and things that make Stillwater such a great place to go to school, raise a family, build a business, and retire.  We are excited to take over Stillwater Living and continue the work Sarah began in 2004 when she founded SLM.