From the Editor (June 2017)

by Ammie Bryant, Editor

“There’s a time each year / That we always hold dear

Good old summertime

With the birds and the trees’es / And sweet scented breezes

Good old summertime…”


Dear Readers,

It’s here! The good old summertime has made its way back ‘round again. After another busy school year I cherish the changing season and can’t help thinking about the summers of my youth. My fondest memories of childhood were of summers spent camping with my dad, swimming in a family pond, and visiting my grandparents’ cabin at Grand Lake.

Those warm summer evenings were filled with the songs of the cicadas and bullfrogs and a myriad of other country sounds while we fished late into the night under the stars that fill an amazing Oklahoma sky. That time seems so far away but the memories are precious. I hope that my children will someday look back on their summers with a similar fondness.

What will you do this summer to make special memories of the good old summertime? Will you attend concerts at the Botanic Garden? Spend the day at Lake McMurtry fishing or kayaking? Grab a bite to eat at Friday Food Trucks and Tunes and enjoy some live music? Will you visit the Stillwater Farmers’ Market or pick your own blackberries at N40 Berries? Maybe you will take up a new hobby that helps put something tasty and nutritious on your table like beekeeping or backyard chicken keeping. Or maybe some of your fondest family memories of the summertime will include a simple sno cone and a visit to one of Stillwater’s splash pads.

How will you make summertime special this year? Send us a note via snail mail (P.O. Box 2264) or email (ammie at about how you are making your summer special here in Stillwater and you just might find your comment in a future issue of Stillwater Living Magazine!