From the Editor (June 2019)

by Ammie Bryant

School is out for summer!

I wonder if I will still get excited about that when my children have left the nest? I probably will, because when you live in Stillwater, everyone is affected by the end of the school year with the exodus of the college students.  No traffic. No long lines when eating out or at the grocery store. What’s not to love? Of course, I’ll be just as excited for the students to return in August. There is something special about the infusion of youthful energy into the community after the lazy pace of June and July.

This summer feels somewhat momentous to me. It’s the last before our oldest turns 18 and starts his senior year of high school. Our middle child is driving. And our youngest will be a freshman in the fall. I feel as if this could be one of our last opportunities to create summertime memories together as a family before the kids begin leaving for college and become independent adults.  

It occurs to me that I should probably create a summer bucket list for our family to help us soak up all the summertime fun to be had in Stillwater and the surrounding area. If you were to create a summer bucket list for you and your family, what would you put on it? Share your story with me via email at ammie at Send photos of you and your family or friends doing things on your summer bucket list and we may share it with our readers in a future issue of Stillwater Living Magazine!

Until next month, onward!