From the Editor (September 2018)

by Ammie Bryant, Editor

About the Cover: Macy Gardner is excited to begin her senior year at Stillwater High School.
Photo by Josh Dean Photography.
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September has arrived! It’s that time of year again when summer begins to fade away and make room for fall. Once we hit this time of year, it always seems like we are on the downhill slide towards the bustling festivities of the holidays and the end of the year.

This month’s issue features everything from Gameday memories to tips for making your tailgate healthier. We also have a story about how you can fine-tune your back-to-school routines to make the most of the school year.

Don’t miss our newest feature from Wild Honey Wedding Planning + Event Designs. Stacy and her team will be bringing us a regular column on wedding and event planning in the coming months.

Along with these stories we have another fabulous Makeover Masterpiece from our friends at LaRitz Salon & Spa, the 3rd Quarter CASA Volunteers of the month, a delicious on-the-go breakfast recipe by Karyl Henry that is healthy and filling, and so much more.

As we begin working on the next issue of Stillwater Living Magazine, we will be planning our Stillwater Fall Activity Guide. So please let us know what you think should make that list. Whether it is a favorite family tradition that you never miss, a 5K for charity, a festival, craft show, local pumpkin patch, corn maze, or outdoor concert, we want to hear what makes fall such a special time of year for you and your family in Stillwater. Help us build another fun-filled, fall guide to Stillwater!

Send your tips for a fun fall with friends and family in Stillwater (and high resolution photos if you have them) to or mail them to us at PO Box 2264, Stillwater, OK 74076. Deadline for submissions for consideration to be included in the print issue of SLM is the 15th of September. You may even be quoted in the next issue of Stillwater Living Magazine!

Until next month, Onward!