Makeover Masterpiece

Story and photos provided by LaRitz Salon & Spa

Summer is definitely upon us! With the temperatures rising, guests are wanting to lighten their hair more and more. While our stylists absolutely love performing all blonding services, they know each and every guest requires a different approach when creating their desired look.

These photos showcase different steps that some final looks require. While we would love to take your hair from dark brown to blonde in one session, it’s most likely going to take several appointments to achieve. Traditionally during these lightening services, the hair can become slightly compromised depending on how blonde you’re wanting to go. That’s why we were so excited when Redken released a new product to help aid our stylists in coloring with the perfect tool in protecting your hair.

Redken’s new pH-Bonder is a unique system to protect bonds, balance pH, and preserve hair fiber integrity during and after a professional hair color or lightening service. pH-Bonder helps dramatically reduce breakage during these services. With the integrity of your hair being our main focus, this innovative product helps our stylists give you the very best hair color. Besides an additive to your color, pH-Bonder also has a take-home product to help you maintain your amazing results at home.

If you want the very best in hair color innovation, the staff at LaRitz Salon & Spa would love to help you look your very best. To set up a reservation, call 405-372-8223 or visit us at 115 W McElroy.