Makeover Masterpiece September 2016

Female eye with long eyelashes close up

Story and photos submitted by LaRitz Salon & Spa

For this month’s makeover, we wanted to focus on a different type of transformation. Eyelash extensions have become one of the fastest growing services in the beauty industry. This past spring, three of our stylists went through an extensive training program to learn the very best techniques and methods of the growing trend. Jayne, Brooklyn, and Heather took several months researching different companies to find the one that best met our standards. Our main focus was providing the safest products for our guests. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions surrounding lash extensions. Some of those concerns include damaging natural lashes and getting eye infections.

According to, “Due to genetics and auto-immune diseases, some people can loose eyelash extensions faster than others. If you have naturally healthy lashes and lose your lashes at an appropriate rate, eyelash extensions are totally safe.

If too much tension is caused by gluing two or more lashes together, eyelashes can fall out at a more rapid rate. This is why you need to visit a trained professional. Other things that can slow or stop the growth of natural lashes are:

  • Repeatedly pulling off eyelashes and extensions
  • Extra weight and torsion added to the follicle by using too long or thick of an extension
  • Unsafe solvents used in un-approved lash removers
  • Oils in un-approved make-up removers and mascaras.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid. It commonly occurs when the tiny oil glands of the inner eyelid become inflamed. Symptoms include red, itchy eyelids that may look greasy and crusted. To prevent blepharitis, make sure you are cleaning your eyelash extensions. Build up of makeup, dry skin, and sweat can cause blepharitis. We suggest you use our Deep Cleanser to prevent blepharitis.

Here’s what some of our lash guests had to say:

image1web“My lashes are red so you cannot see them without makeup. My Bella lashes make me feel beautiful even waking up in the morning. I get compliments everywhere I go!” -Tina Lollis

“I love them! Mine were pretty sparse but now they are lush and pretty.” -Leslie Pierce

“I love getting my lashes done because I don’t have to worry about finding the right mascara with my sensitive eyes anymore and it dramatically changes my makeup routine!” – Mac Blair

Whether you’re wanting them for a special occasion or everyday wear, our Licensed Lash Extensionists will help you pick out the very best look. To book a consultation or an appointment, call (405)-372-8223 or stop by 115 W McElroy.