MORGAN in Concert

Story by Ammie Bryant, Editor    Photos provided by MORGAN

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to injury, MORGAN has to cancel their May 5 Concert at the Stillwater Community Center until further notice.  Morgan Reynolds broke her foot and feels she cannot give the performance she had planned. Once she knows more about when her foot should be healed and is able to coordinate schedules with all involved she plans to announce a new date for the concert at the Community Center later in the year. We will be sure to update our readers when we have that information.

Cover photo by Jefferson Bryant

Known for sultry and seductive vocals, Morgan Reynold’s voice bewitches the listener. A sorceress of song, she casts a spell of emotion over her audience, guaranteeing that those listening will not leave her presence without feeling something.

“Inspiration comes in all forms, but emotions are really what drive me. Happy or sad, they are something we all have and everyone can relate to,” said Morgan.

Morgan grew up in a musical family, but she never realized her passion for music until she joined seventh grade band. It was then that she knew she had found her niche. She grew up in Perkins, so she did not have far to go when she went away to college at Oklahoma State University. It was not proximity that drew her to OSU. She knew she wanted to be a part of the stellar Music Program.

Morgan on vocals and Wayne Bovenschen on drums.

The control, skill, and confidence that Morgan exhibits in her performances are a reflection of her studies at OSU, where she took additional courses to enhance her career. In 2012, she graduated with a BA in Music Performance with a concentration in Vocal Performance. In addition to her degree, Morgan’s accomplishments include numerous awards and as well as performing and competing throughout the United States and Europe.

Morgan’s talent extends beyond her vocal prowess. She can play twenty instruments, but consistently performs on six: saxophone, guitar, piano, flute, guiro, and tambourine. While she does perform solo, she is also a part of band, which is named for her. Founded in October of 2011, MORGAN, the band, includes: Victor “McFly” Denny on lead guitar, acoustic and electric; Dave “D-Bomb” Grounds on bass guitar and acoustic guitar; and Wayne “Gretzsky” Bovenschen on the drums and djembe.

Dave Grounds on bass guitar.

MORGAN performs at various locations throughout the state and they are regulars at locations like Willie’s Saloon, The New Ice House, The Taproom, Gatsby’s, and Zannotti’s in Stillwater. Their packed spring schedule can be found at

Morgan is especially excited about the band’s upcoming concert on May 5 at the Stillwater Community Center Houston Theater, “We want to offer our audience an evening of new musical experiences, with new music, lots of instruments, several genres, and heartfelt emotion. Refreshments will be provided during the break.”

The Stillwater Community Center holds a special spot in Morgan’s heart. When asked about what it means to hold her concert at the SCC, she said, “Having a place like the SCC is crucial for artists. For MORGAN, it means being able to do what we’re meant to do, in the right setting, and bring the community together at the same time. There really isn’t another place like it.”

Morgan Reynolds on Saxophone and Victor Denny on lead guitar.

Beyond MORGAN the band, Reynolds also plays with the Stillwater Jazz Band which she has been a part of since 2004. Every week, the Stillwater Jazz Band meets to rehearse at the Community Center located at 315 W. 8th Avenue, which is a big part of why the SCC holds that special spot in Morgan’s affections.

The Community Center is home for the Jazz Band, so last year when she heard that the City was considering other options for the Community Center in conjunction with the development of Block 34, she knew she had to get involved. She started meeting with other community members interested in preserving, improving, and promoting the Stillwater Community Center.

“The thought of our ‘home’ being taken away was too much. I had to take action. Not just for the Jazz Band, which is very dear to me, but for other groups who call the Stillwater Community Center home.”

Morgan continues to meet with the group of like-minded community members who recently incorporated as Friends of the Stillwater Community Center, Inc. Morgan serves as one of the advisors on behalf of the user groups who utilize the space at the Community Center for various purposes.  Morgan is enthusiastic about the group’s of ensuring the accessibility and affordability of the Stillwater Community Center, “I’m really hoping more people will see and utilize the SCC. if you need it, the SCC’s got it!”

MORGAN in Concert is scheduled for May 5 at 7:30 pm and is open to the public. Tickets will be available at the door for $5 each. To purchase tickets online, visit and search for “Morgan in Concert” for events in Stillwater, OK.