Navigating Home Technology

by Colton Clason

Technology is evolving faster with each passing year, and it will continue to change how people interact with their favorite forms of entertainment. As a specialist in the consumer electronics industry for more than a decade, I have seen many people perplexed by the speed with which the technological landscape changes each year.

Fifty years ago it was easy to keep track of upcoming technology; vinyl was competing with 8-track, and cassettes were making a name as a portable alternative. These advancements in technology were separated by years, but today many of these technologies become obsolete in less than a year. For this reason, people turn to the specialists at Audio Midwest to help keep up to date with the latest changes to our world of technology.

Not everyone has time to learn about the advancements in streaming music, smart televisions, or home theaters, so the specialists at Audio Midwest are there to explain how certain technologies can bring exciting new entertainment into the home. Through yearly trainings from product manufacturers, they become experts in new technologies. When the average person visits Audio Midwest, they get customer-friendly advice from a trained specialist.

Recent developments in wireless whole-home music, called Sonos, is quickly becoming a popular necessity in the home. This technology removes unsightly wires which often create issues for proper component placement. Sonos offers a number of solutions to keep a home free of wire clutter and yet create an incredible listening environment for any type of music.

When it comes to TV, the game changes so fast it is incredibly hard to keep up with new developments. Just one conversation with a team member explains the latest television technologies such as 4K resolution, smart TV, and OLED televisions. Home entertainment specialists use easy to understand language, without the industry jargon, so the average person can learn about products without reading a confusing manual.

Technology is ever evolving, and while the average person may not have the time to keep up with the constant changes, a helping hand in deciphering new tech can also save you from spending money on dying technology. Audio Midwest is a great resource to make all that new technology more accessible.