Payne County Youth Services Announces 45 Days of Giving Digital Campaign

Burns Hargis, President of OSU, and Anne Hargis, First Cowgirl of OSU and PCYS Advisory Board Member, kick off the PCYS 45 Days of Giving digital campaign in Boone Pickens Stadium.

Story provided by Payne County Youth Services

Payne County Youth Services is excited to announce the launch of a new 45 Days of Giving social media campaign.  In honor of the rich and long history of PCYS providing high quality free services for over 45 years, PCYS will conduct its first ever social media campaign.  Sponsors of the PCYS annual An Evening to Remember on February 23rd were given the opportunity to double their impact by allowing PCYS to use their philanthropic donation as match dollars to motivate others to get involved online during the 45 Days of Giving.  

“This is an exciting addition to our outreach to our donors,” stated PCYS Director Janet Fultz.  “We think they will be as excited as we are.  In fact, everyone can help with this campaign by simply going to the PCYS website and Facebook page and sharing and emailing the campaign information to all of their contacts. The multiplicity of social media is one of the great opportunities for people who may have never supported us before to get involved.  Be looking for new information each week with new videos, graphics, and statistics to help understand the nature and critical need of our services.  Be sure to look for videos from many of our supporters that I am certain most people will know.”  

PCYS provides a variety of services to all of Payne County, with the largest number of clients coming from Stillwater and Cushing.  PCYS never charges directly to families for services, so successful fundraising is critical to their ability to meet their mission to provide free quality services for the positive development and recovery of children, youth and families.   

“With uncertainty of funding from the state level such a continuing and drastic issue, our community support is even more important than ever!” said Fultz.

Help PCYS reach their goals by going to and donate now!  Our children need your help more than ever, and they are waiting.