SEMA completes important Radar Room upgrades


Media Release

Stillwater Emergency Management (SEMA) recently completed upgrades to its Radar Room. This upgrade enhances SEMA’s ability to prepare Stillwater residents for emergencies by providing future looks at weather threats, more situational awareness and the opportunity for increasing staff.

An emergency management grant from the State of Oklahoma and the Federal Emergency Management Agency fully funded the room’s upgrades.

“Our small staff supports a large volume of residents, organizations and City departments,” SEMA Director Rob Hill said. “This upgrade was much needed and we are confident the entire city and surrounding areas will benefit for years to come.”

The upgrade included the addition of two new work stations, more robust monitoring software and a more efficient equipment setup.


Although the room’s previous equipment was over 10 years old, SEMA has confidently and proactively planned for all hazards and threats to date. The room’s recent upgrades will allow SEMA to further lessen its response times and add additional staff if needed.


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