Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes

Media Release

The arrival of the summer season and recent rains have also brought on the arrival of the mosquito season here in Stillwater.

The City receives several questions each year about how to manage mosquitoes. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure stagnant water is not collecting in containers around your property. Drain unnecessary containers or pools of water that could allow mosquito larval to develop.
  • If you cannot drain a container or pool, consider treating them with larvicides.
  • Clean and replace pet water bowls and birdbaths every three days.
  • Eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas near the home, including beverage cups, tires and unused wading pools.
  • Clean out gutters, fix holes in window or door screens, and mow the lawn to a low height to reduce the habitat for mosquitoes.
  • Wear insect repellant containing DEET (around 10 to 30 percent is ideal). Always follow label directions when applying and take special care when applying them to children.
  • Mosquitoes are most active at dusk, early evening and dusk; avoid going outside at these times or wear insect repellant, long-sleeved shirts and longer pants to avoid mosquito bites during these times. 

Many of these tips come from the Oklahoma State University Entomology and Plant Pathology division. Read about these tips and more at

The City of Stillwater does not spray public areas for mosquitoes. Our ability to address mosquito issues is limited due to a number of factors that include lack of equipment, licensing and available staff.

If you are concerned about an area that is breeding mosquitoes, you are encouraged to contact the property owner about the issue first.