Make like a Tourist – Buy a T-shirt

Story and photos provided by the Visit Stillwater Team

You’ve heard the phrase, “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.”

Stillwater is home to some of the most iconic t-shirts in America.  A t-shirt is more than cotton and print, it’s the essence of the experience behind a brand, it’s a label for our community, and it’s a stamp in time.

tshirtquilt object HERO IMAGE for webYou wouldn’t travel anywhere without picking up a t-shirt – or seven – along the way, so why should your local tourism stops be any different? With the back-to-school frenzy fast upon us, plan a weekend t-shirt crawl around our favorite stops and outfit the kids for class this year. Wear your shirts as you travel the world and meet new people in new places.  Spread the word – Stillwater is America’s Friendliest College Town… and don’t we look fabulous?

Here’s a glimpse at the threads you can’t live without:

Eskimo Joes for webEskimo Joes West Elm Ave.

Stan Clark started his empire in 1975 with business partner and buddy Steve File. The trademark Eskimo Joe and his dog Buffy was developed by OSU commercial arts major and VW bus-driving, Bill Thompson to make a statement: “We have the coldest beer in town!” Joe’s big smile has made its way around the world with many thousands of t-shirts bearing his face since the bar-turned-restaurant’s humble beginnings.

The Original Hideaway Pizza South Knoblock St.

Named after the Big Kahuna himself, Hideaway’s mascot, displayed proudly on the front of their signature tie-dye, is a tribute to the late Richard Dermer who opened the landmark pizza joint in 1957. Hideaway t-shirts continue to be tie-dyed locally by a former employee. Some shirts feature the classic VW bugs, which the delivery fleet decorated and paraded around Stillwater for decades.

Chris OSU for webChris’ University Spirit South Knoblock St.

Chris Norris first printed the iconic “style no. 153” or the OSU Full-Arch t-shirt 30 years ago from his original shop. This style has survived the store’s expansion and growth to service game day and spirit gear for the entire community.

Aspen Coffee Locations on West 7th Ave., Perkins Rd, and Western Ave.

Oklahoma’s original craft coffee roaster has given Stillwater an appreciation for really good joe.  The logo’s main elements are a globe and the coffee beans, to say that,  “even though we are a local company, we are connected to regions and coffee growers around the world.”

Granny’s Kitchen South Main St.

Everyone’s favorite breakfast diner produces a line of shirts featuring a cartoon Granny – Stillwater’s own matriarch. There are currently 18 t-shirt designs with virtually every local team sport and Granny’s favorite activities – she’s always our number one cheerleader.

OklAmerica for webOklamerica only sold at Flynnagin’s Footwear on Perkins Rd.

Still just hot of the press, the first Oklamerica t-shirt was printed in the spring of 2015, its popularity has been spurred by the “resurgence in state pride in the last several years,” believes owner, Clay Billman.  Oklamerica tees have now been spotted in Iceland, South Africa, Vietnam, Norway, Beijing and Israel.  

Stillwater Summit Co. West 7th Ave.

Summit’s t-shirts include a tongue-in-cheek nod to outdoorsmen everywhere by listing Stillwater’s elevation peak, a whopping 986 feet. With an emphasis on the quality equipment sold in store, the t-shirts are no exception to the high standards set by owner Brady Moore. Be sure to snap a picture in your Stillwater Summit t-shirt on your next outdoor adventure and they’ll add it to the infamous wall that leads to the second story of downtown space.

Chillwater Apparel  South Main St.

One of Stillwater’s newer t-shirt icons, Chillwater launched its designs in 2014. Their brand is a play on words representing Stillwater nationwide. Initially only sold online and through booth sales, Chillwater apparel is now available at their brick and mortar location on 115 South Main St.

Coney Island South Washington St.

Coney Island is the go to spot for late night gatherings on the Strip…and a great t-shirt. This hot-dog stop has been a part of Stillwater history since 1969.

Before your t-shirt frenzy begins, check out our blog for a more in depth look at the history and fun facts surrounding Stillwater’s most iconic t-shirts at