Volunteers Needed for Hospice

Story submitted by Karman Legacy Hospice

Do you think of hospice work as too serious? Is death a topic too taboo? But, what if you had the opportunity to bring some joy into someone’s life?

Patient support volunteers visits may include playing dominoes, card games, reading to a patient unable to read themselves, bring a pet to visit or care for patient’s pet, comfort with music and light touch. These volunteers do not give personal care, but give of themselves.

A volunteer can provide the little touches that a family often doesn’t have emotional energy to do. The philosophy of neighbor helping neighbor is integral to the hospice volunteer concept.

Remembering a special day with cards and flowers, even fixing a meal can be a great psychological boost to the patient and caregiver. “One of our volunteers, who loves listening to patient’s stories, took his laptop and with the families’ permission created life review books as a keepsake,” said volunteer coordinator, Valerie Bloodgood. A volunteer can give the patient’s family the time to do grocery shopping, attend their own doctor’s appointments or simply take a breather.

Office volunteers are also needed for answering the phone, filing, typing, mailing and running errands. They are asked to give whatever time they can weekdays and special projects on weekends. We work with volunteer’s schedules.

We offer free training  which includes background checks and topics on hospice philosophy, HIPAA, patient’s rights, ethics and understanding grief and loss

Each volunteer’s application reveals special interests, hobbies and skills. Zayat-Bloodgood then matches these likes with the patient’s interests, hoping to create a great match.

Other volunteers handle bereavement calls, bake cookies, deliver birthday flowers, make memory frames and create grandparent/grandchild memory books. Or a volunteer may come to us with their own program they wish to create.

For more information or to sign up, please call the Karman Legacy offices, 405-377-8012 or stop by 915 S. Main, Stillwater, OK.