A Badge of Honor

Story and photos by Sam Shook

For Christmas, Megan Hazzard’s son had one request: “I want a cowboy outfit.” And why wouldn’t he want one? The Hazzard family was living in Stillwater, the cowboy capital of the great state of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, most shops only had sports jerseys and t-shirts. What was even more unfortunate, though, was that Santa Claus wasn’t coming to town, so when faced with this problem, Megan said “If Santa couldn’t provide a Pistol Pete costume, [I] would.” Megan Hazzard did just that, but why stop there? She was just getting started. This whole ordeal inspired her to created badges/ornaments based around Oklahoma State University’s homecoming theme. From there, she formed her Stillwater based company, Legacy Western.

thebadges Of course, to do so, they had to find manufacturers. The Hazzards’ search began citywide, before searching through all of Oklahoma, and then the whole United States. Their goal was to establish a good relationship with their manufacturer. In doing so, they would be able to provide some very high quality products. Megan said that quality was Legacy Western’s aim, specifically “heirloom quality.” When they designed these badges, and their other products for that matter, they did so with the intent that they would be able to be passed down through generations. They’re products are so high quality, in fact, OSU even approved of it. The timing of this, too, couldn’t have been more perfect. Just as Megan had decided on a design, she was pointed to the new style of the OSU football uniforms, which, as luck would have it, shared the exact same design. That was particularly joyous moment for her and her ideas. Funny how things work out in life, isn’t it? Her company could sell products for those Cowboy fans who wanted to express themselves in a more unique way.

Legacy Western sells a number of OSU themed memorabilia, including totes, wooden bowties, and, of course, the cowboy badges. These are more than just badges, however. These masterfully made sheriff stars are ornaments as well. You can hang them on your tree, on a wreath, or, if you do want to use them as a badge, you can pin them on your lapel. If you’re interested in buying however, you’re going to want to hurry. These badges/ornaments are limited edition, and unique each year. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to get your hands on one of these one of a kind products, however. If you’re looking for one that shows off your cowboy spirit, no matter the time of year, they also sell badges emblazoned with the iconic face of Pistol Pete.

Legacy Western is currently teaming up with other unique companies, like The Two Guys Bow Tie Company. If you’re having trouble remembering where you’ve heard of them before, allow me to jog your memory. If you’ve ever watched the television series Shark Tank, where salesmen and inventors pitch their ideas to several venture capitalists, then you may have seen The Two Guys Bow Tie Company. Legacy Western has partnered with the Tulsa based company to make their limited edition wooden bowties. So if you’re Cowboy fan who also happens to be a hipster, someone who likes to show off their own fashion trends, or maybe even a Doctor Who addict, you can pick up these classy pieces of woodwork for your necktie needs.

After reading about all of these charming and wondrous products, you’re probably wondering where you can buy them. You can either order them online at Legacywestern.com, or you can find them in several local Stillwater shops including Holy Cow Couture, For Pete’s Sake, and Wiggles and Giggles.

I asked Megan, “Where do you see this company a few years down the road?” She responded “I hope to see this company making a customer following who’s always looking for unique, one of a kind OSU memorabilia.” I also asked what her future plans and products were, but, in this case, she said that their future plans were under wraps, and who am I to spoil a good surprise? So, this holiday season, be it for a Christmas present, or for another way to show your school spirit, why not do so with some heirloom quality ornaments? You can pin it to your shirt, and ride off into the sunset showing off your own style.