Adventure, intrigue and fantasy: Teens invited to join new board game club this fall

Story provided by Stillwater Public Library

Stillwater Public Library (SPL) is starting a new board game club exclusively for teens in grades six through 12. Starting Aug. 25 and running through Dec., SPL will host “Adventuring Academy: A Pathfinder Campaign.” All program events will take place at the library on Friday evenings from 5:30-7:30 p.m., and teens of all skill levels may attend.

RPGs, or role-playing games similar to “Pathfinder,” have become increasingly popular in recent years. Teens familiar with the hit TV show “Stranger Things” and the long-running board game “Dungeons and Dragons” will discover similar strategies and fun at these programs.

“Pathfinder” is an RPG where players create their own fantasy characters and join with friends to go on quests for treasure and adventure. Players work together and roll twenty-sided dice to attack enemies and defeat numerous villains and mythical monsters. Teens who want to attend do not have to be familiar with the game to participate in the program, as this new adventure will incorporate experienced and non-experienced players. Teens may also attend any program at any point during the campaign.

Teen librarian Jordan Stine hopes “Adventuring Academy” will encourage teens to have fun with their friends at the library.

“Board games bring people together, teens especially,” Stine said. “Having a program where teens can play a cooperative game is a great way to build teamwork.”

“Adventuring Academy” will occur once every month starting on Friday, Aug. 25. The complete list of program dates includes Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Nov. 9 and Dec. 15.

Teens are welcome to attend one or all programs at any time, but each program will continue the campaign from the previous month’s adventure.

SPL welcomes Preston Bobo, an experienced game expert, who will guide the teens into their campaign this fall.

“This topic is important because, in 2023, any ability to come together in person and have a good time with people who share interests is great,” Bobo said. “The library is the perfect place to facilitate these events.”

Bobo and Stine feel that hosting a tabletop gaming program for teens will foster growth, teamwork and a positive association with the library.

“A lifetime love of reading will be the first,” Bobo stated when asked which skills he hopes teens will learn by attending these programs. “Other skills include leadership and problem-solving techniques as well as outside-the-box thinking.”

Stine echoed this statement, adding, “We want the kids to have a good time, first and foremost, but we also want them to learn how to work together and get excited when the group succeeds. Doing so adds an important layer of sportsmanship and teamwork that the library can facilitate through such programs.”

Registration for “Adventuring Academy” is recommended to attend. Librarians have limited space and request registration to account for snacks and the number of participants. To sign-up for any of the program dates, please visit

In addition, teens may also apply to join TAC, or the Teen Advisory Council, to plan future programs similar to this one at the library. To apply, please complete an application at or email [email protected].

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