CASA for Kids June Volunteer of the Month!

CASA for Kids of Payne and Logan Counties Announces June Volunteer of the Month!
Mrs. Susan Chastain is CASA for Kids of Payne and Logan Counties June Volunteer of the Month.  After living in New Mexico for 32 years, the Chastains relocated to Stillwater two years ago. Susan became involved with CASA in New Mexico, after feeling urged to do something, especially to help teens.  She began to notice that many of her daughters’ high school classmates were homeless, had no parent involvement, or were abandoned.  She was a CASA volunteer for six years before moving to Oklahoma. CASA was a way to make a connection shortly after moving. It was familiar and a way to feel more at home here.

Mrs. Chastain is very complimentary of our Assistant District Attorney’s efforts in working with CASA to put kids first.  “The CASA volunteer focuses on one child and family, and often is the only person who has the time to invest to know the family’s whole story,” Susan notes.

Mrs. Chastain and her husband are retired and have lived the last two years in Stillwater. They have two grown daughters. Mrs. Chastain continues to have relationships with the children she has met through her CASA cases.  She has seen one particular child through four foster homes and finally adoption.  Susan continues contact with this child by attending birthday parties, exchanging phone calls and Christmas cards.