CASA Volunteer of the Month for May 2019

Donella Hopper

Story provided CASA for Kids – Serving Payne and Logan Counties

CASA for Kids’ May Volunteer of the Month is Donella Hopper. She grew up in the area, raised on a small farm. Now, she works as a cosmetologist in Stillwater. Donella is a mother of two with a son studying at OSU and a daughter who will be graduating high school soon. With her kids getting older, life had quieted down a bit. Donella said, “It was time to start thinking about what I wanted to do, to start doing the things I am passionate about.”

She had always been interested in CASA, so last July she completed her training and was sworn in. Donella has had a very positive experience on her first case, and she anticipates a positive conclusion soon. She is already looking ahead to what’s next.

“Now that I have my toes in the water, I’m ready to dive in,” she said. “I’m eager to see what the next case brings.”

Donella has been surprised by how many people are unfamiliar with CASA and its purpose. “I’ve really been trying to educate people and talk about CASA more,” she said. “I tell everyone if you have the time, we always need more volunteers.”Everyone can help spread the word about CASA’s impact in the community. Find CASA for Kids on Facebook and Instagram to follow, like and share.