City lineworkers bring home multiple awards from 2018 MESO Lineworkers Rodeo

Front Row (left to right): Jon Johnson, Jacob Stockwell, Mitch VanZandt, Darrell Baker, Brandon Davis, Adam Logan Back Row (left to right): David Webb, Mathew Schlehuber, Aaron Williamson, Austin Mills, Seth Gibson, Vilas Robinson, Jerry Cundiff


Congratulations to all of the City of Stillwater Electric Utility staff who competed in the 2018 MESO Lineworkers Rodeo. The City of Stillwater hosted this year’s rodeo, which took place Sept. 20 at Boomer Lake Park.

Award winners were:

  • 1st place
    • Apprentice Obstacle Course | Mitch VanZandt
    • Mutual Aid Team | Caulden Greenfield
  • 2nd place
    • Journeyman Speed Climb | Seth Gibson
    • Mutual Aid Team | Seth Gibson
  • 2nd place [Journeyman Team Event]
    • 12 kv Post Insulator Change Out | Vilas Robinson, Seth Gibson and Austin Mills
    • 600 amp Switch Change Out | Vilas Robinson, Seth Gibson and Austin Mills
  • 3rd place [Journeyman Team Event]
    • 12kv Post Insulator Change Out | Jerry Cundiff, Jacob Stockwell and Aaron Williamson

Other Rodeo Participants:

  • Apprentice Competition
    • Jon Johnson, Caulden Greenfield and Adam Logan
  • Journeyman and Individual Event Teams
    • David Webb, Brandon Davis, and Matt Schlehuber
  • Veterans Event
    • Darrell Baker and Wade Coffey

According to the American Public Power Association (APPA), customers of public power utilities like Stillwater lose power less often. Customers of a public power utility are likely to be without power for just 59 minutes a year, compared to customers of private utilities who may lose power for 133 minutes a year — provided there are no major adverse events. One factor for this strong reliability is the electric team is centralized to the area.