City of Stillwater celebrates National Public Power Week Oct. 4-10

Media Release

The City of Stillwater will celebrate its promise to provide residents with dependable, efficient and local power during National Public Power Week on Oct. 4-10.

“We’re proud that we’re one of the 191 public power utilities to earn the Reliable Public Power Provider designation from the American Public Power Association,” Electric Utility Director Loren Smith said. “We want our customers to know that our efforts have been nationally recognized as having met the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service.”

Customers of public power utilities like Stillwater lose power less often, according to the American Public Power Association (APPA). Public power utility customers are likely to be without power for just 59 minutes a year, compared to customers of private utilities who may lose power for 133 minutes a year – provided there are no major adverse events.

“As a public power, we’re owned by the community,” Smith said. “Just like they own the streets and the water systems, they own the electric utility, too. The SUA has complete control over the electric system, which means it sets performance standards, service rules and ensures accountability.”

This strong reliability is also because the electric team is centralized to the area.

“From a local perspective, we provide about 60 jobs,” Smith said. “They are all our neighbors and friends, they all live within or around our community, and so they have a vested interest in the service they provide.”

The Stillwater City Council will recognize Public Power week with a proclamation at its Oct. 5 meeting. The council governs the utility acting as the SUA.

Stillwater is the second largest municipal electric utility in the state and the largest transmission owner and electric generator. Stillwater has been a community-owned electric utility since 1901 and has owned its electric generation since 1903.

Public Power Week is an annual event sponsored in conjunction with the APPA, the lead service organization for community-owned electric utilities. APPA’s 2,000 public power utility members provide electricity to nearly 50 million Americans.