City of Stillwater mask ordinance remains in place

Media Release

With the ongoing changes in guidelines coming from the CDC and the state regarding public safety measures for COVID, the City of Stillwater reiterates that its face covering ordinance remains in effect.

Payne County Health Department, Stillwater Medical Center, Stillwater Public Schools, Oklahoma State University and Meridian Technology Center met with the City of Stillwater earlier this month to discuss each group’s plans. All of these community partners plan to continue requiring face masks at their facilities, campuses, etc.

“I appreciate the input of this group and value their support of the current face mask ordinance,” said Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce. “We are seeing positive trends in the number of COVID cases, and in the number of vaccines being administered. But we must remain diligent and heed the advice of health officials, who recommend we continue to wear masks when we are around other people.”

On behalf of the local organizations, Oklahoma State University President Burns Hargis said, “Mayor Joyce, members of the City Council and the City of Stillwater have done an excellent job leading the community through the pandemic. The City has taken the steps necessary to keep the community safe and healthy, while balancing the need to conduct business, educate and function as a community. As a group, we support continuing to require face masks through
May 25.”

Joyce said, “Masks have played a big part in the progress we are seeing in stemming the tide of the pandemic. We are all anxious to get past the need to wear masks, but they make a big difference. We can’t let up now.”

To facilitate vaccinations, the CDC has created It is a free, online service where users can search for locations that offer vaccinations. The site allows clinics, pharmacies, and health departments to provide accurate and up-to-date information about vaccination services and availability.

On Feb. 24, the Stillwater City Council adopted Ordinance No. 3472 which allowed the City’s face covering ordinance (No.3452) to remain in effect through May 25, 2021. Residents and visitors should continue to follow the current rules and regulations for face coverings through the new expiration date.

“This May date gets us past the school year,” said Joyce. “We then can reassess the policy for face masks based on COVID numbers and the progress with vaccinations.”

Stillwater’s mask ordinance requires that everyone wear a face covering in all public spaces, including educational institutions, food services, retail and personal service establishments that provide goods or services directly to the public.

Exceptions outlined in the ordinance include, but are not limited to, persons with medical, mental or developmental conditions, children under age 5 (unless required by school or day care to wear a face covering), and non-public areas or workplaces. See details and answers to common questions at

Acceptable face coverings include R95, KN95, dust masks, procedural masks, cotton bandanas, neck gaiters, running buffs and some tightly woven scarves. Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost can be used as an additional, voluntary public health measure.

The City has an Ordinance 3452 Hotline (405.533.8533) that businesses or residents may call to report non-compliance or if they have questions.