From the Editor (August 2017)

By Ammie Bryant, Editor

Once again, summer is slipping away and the return of school is swiftly approaching. This month kicks off with the National Night Out block party at Southern Woods Park presented by the Stillwater Police Department Community Outreach Program and community partners.

As we get ready to head to press, I am delighted to have just learned that August 7, 2017 will be declared Gerald Bradshaw Day in Stillwater. Mr. Bradshaw is being recognized for his many contributions to the betterment of our community. I’ve seen his contributions in his interest in the Education Program and exhibits at the Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History and community-wide reading programs at the Stillwater Public Library. I know he has made too many other contributions to count. Congratulations Mr. Bradshaw on your special day and your well-earned recognition!

On August 9th, a new coworking center opens at the corner of ninth and main that is intended to foster a sense of collaboration, connectedness, and a workspace community. On August 25th, the Friends of the Stillwater Community Center will launch Project 1, the updated and improved Dining and Event Hall at the Community Center, with a special program. And of course, Town and Gown Community Theatre debuts their 67th season, which wouldn’t be possible without a vibrant community of volunteers.

I see a “community” theme this month that is especially appropriate as school returns and we welcome back university students to Stillwater. What kind of community would we be without our education institutions? I don’t think it would be anywhere near as special as the one we have now. We are truly blessed.