From the Editor (August 2019)

by Ammie Bryant

This is the time of year when the essence of our community awakens. The schools are bustling with activity, the college students are heading back to campus, the marching bands and football players are putting in long days of practice to get ready for their seasons, and parents are stocking up on school supplies. Stillwater’s traffic is picking up, lines and wait-times are protracted, and it takes longer to get across town then it did just a month ago; but that’s okay, because our town is alive with energy and anticipation!

Welcome back students and faculty; we are so glad you are here!

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This month’s issue of Stillwater Living includes several education and back-to-school related stories as well as a couple of special events that will support worthy causes. Our cover story this month looks at the history of the Stillwater Community Singers as they celebrate their 25th year of making beautiful music together. Don’t miss their concert on August 22nd. Details about the concert as well as how you can be part of this dynamic group are in the story. All this and more are inside this issue. As always, thanks to our readers and advertisers for your support!

Until next month, onward!