From the Editor (August 2020)

by Ammie Bryant

Four and half months ago, I sat down to write my letter for the April issue unsure and unable to predict the course of the pandemic.  Businesses shut down and/or adapted, social gatherings and in-person live events were cancelled. Many people learned to work from home, some lost their jobs, and still others came to be recognized for the truly essential workers that they are.  We hoped that our society would come together to fight the virus. We hoped that prevention and mitigation measures would be developed and adopted by individuals to unite with the purpose to save lives and in doing so we would rediscover our shared humanity. We hoped that it would be under control by now. 

These months have been difficult for nearly everyone. As discouraged as I feel sometimes, I am also lifted up by stories of how people overcome obstacles. I love to see how businesses and organizations have come up with creative solutions to serve their communities and continue to survive and even thrive. It fills my heart with hope to see how people can rise out of despair, and choose to act with kindness, selflessness, and genuine love.

It is my hope that each of you are able to find those bright spots around you that provide you with hope for a better day. If and when you do find those stories, especially those from our own community, I invite you to share them with us by emailing ammie @ or calling 405.716.3462. Perhaps your story will make it into a future issue that will inspire hope for others of us who might find our reserves flagging.. 

Until next month, onward!

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