From the Editor (February 2019)

by Ammie Bryant

I need to make a correction. On page 14 of the January 2019 issue we featured a story about the Final Friday Art Crawl. That story was misattributed to CASA for Kids. It should have been attributed to the OSU Museum of Art. While we endeavor to keep them to a minimum, mistakes can and do still happen. Providing proper attribution for stories and photographs is something we take seriously and this is not something that we want to let slide by without correcting. You will find a corrected digital version of the story online at

This month we have several great stories that we hope you will enjoy. We have a tasty recipe for Thai Noodle Soup from Karyl Henry, a look at Stillwater’s pioneering industrial history, a guide to making healthy lifestyle swaps to pursue your health goals, the history of Cannabis and an exploration of Oklahoma’s foray into Medical Marijuana, and an update to a story from five years ago about Doug Aichele and his work with sled dogs. These stories and more are ahead.

As always, thanks for reading!