From the Editor (January 2020)

by Ammie Bryant

Happy New Year!  

With the arrival of 2020 comes a chance for new beginnings and fresh starts. If you have been reading along with my editorials for long then you might know how much I love setting up a new planner each year. I go all out with stickers, stencils, and colored pens for color coding activities, appointments, and deadlines. I use my planner for more than just schedules; I also use it for setting and tracking goals for the year. By the end of the year, each planner almost serves as a diary of sorts. By the time I’m done with a planner it is well-worn, well-loved, and not at all pretty but it is clearly a reflection of me!

It’s hard to believe that with this issue, we embark on the fifth year of our adventure in running Stillwater Living Magazine. January also marks the halfway point for Volume 16. Each issue brings with it the chance to learn something new about Stillwater and the people and organizations that make up the community.  Sharing all the positive things happening in and around town brings me great pride and inspires hope about our future. 

So with that in mind, do you know a story that you think would be a good fit for Stillwater Living Magazine? Some of our best stories come from our readers’ suggestions. 

Additionally, if you know someone looking for a writing and/or photography internship, who would like the opportunity to build their portfolio of published work, have them send a resume and writing/photography samples to [email protected].  We really do love working with students to help them launch their professional careers.

Until next month, onward!