From the Editor (November 2019)

by Ammie Bryant

November is here and with its arrival, we enter a season of gratitude and launch into a season of giving.  This is a great time to reflect on all the ways people give back and support one another and count our blessings to belong to such a caring community.

In this issue, we are pleased to draw your attention to a fundraiser in support of Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue on November 9th at Modella Art Gallery in Downtown Stillwater. If you or a loved one is affected by dementia, Stillwater Medical Center has planned a special outreach event that you may want to learn more about. This month, Aging Advocates reminds us to look out for those vulnerable to financial exploitation during the holidays. Don’t miss the story about a new platform that encourages citizens to “speak up” and provide feedback to your local government officials. Have you seen the electric vehicle charging stations going in around town? We have details about those too! Also, new bicycle legislation intended to support those opting for alternative active forms of transportation goes into effect this month. Finally, be sure to check out our story about Girl Scout Troop #643 and their project. We sure are “Pioneer Proud” of their efforts to support fellow students in need throughout the Stillwater School community.

As we put together this issue, we were reminded of all of the ways our community gives and supports one another and we are incredibly thankful to share some of those stories throughout the year.  As the tagline in this month’s issue says, we are truly “Thankful for Still Water.”

Until next month, onward!