How Today’s Hearing Aids Can Help

Story by Chelsie Coulter H.I.S., Precision Hearing Solutions

When it comes to choosing a hearing aid that is going to benefit your hearing loss the most, there are two main styles to choose from: one that will fit behind the ear, and one that fits inside the ear canal. The final deciding factor is going to be determined by your lifestyle and type of hearing loss. Just like all other technology, hearing aid manufacturers and specialists are constantly making improvements to better serve patients in aiding and adapting to the environments they are in. Here are a few NEW updates and information on the latest technology for hearing aids.

Hands-Free:  You don’t have to hold your cell phones anymore. Hearing aids and cellphones are paired together to allow the patient to hear conversations directly into their ears by simply pushing a button. The microphones on the hearing aids are able to pick up your voice and distribute it back to the caller, making it convenient to have a conversation while on the go or while working on projects around the house!

Rechargeable: Not all batteries are provided for free for the life of the hearing aids. With the capability of having a rechargeable docking station, simply place hearing aids into the base overnight to allow for a full day of enjoying conversations with friends and family! Allowing for rechargeable batteries can also take the frustration out of scenarios for those patients who may suffer from dexterity issues and having to replace batteries in a much smaller compartment of the hearing aid every 5-7 days.

TV Capability:  Enjoy the comfort and control of your own prescription volume with a wireless accessory that is easy to set up and connects your hearing aids to your television. No more fiddling with program buttons to find your best listening level. Enjoy those game days at home with high-quality sounds distributed directly to you without disturbing others! 

FLEX-Trials: Believing is being able to experience it! Having a lot of questions is absolutely normal when committing to a hearing aid. FLEX-Trials are available and designed to give you the experience of what you can expect with your hearing loss prescription while out in your normal environments. This will give you the confidence in taking the next step in bettering your quality of life with hearing aids.

If you think you may have a hearing loss, talk to a specialist today! Only a hearing healthcare professional can assess if you have a hearing loss and provide a way to approach it that is going to be best for you!

Source: Unitron Products

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  1. It’s great that this article explains how modern hearing aids can be paired with cellphones to make it easier to pick up calls. This would be a great way to make life easier and more comfortable since you can answer the calls you want whenever you want and without having to pick up your phone. When choosing hearing aids, it would probably be a good idea to research the various brands and models online to figure out what features and benefits they offer in order to find the best one that makes life easier and more comfortable.

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