Makeover Masterpiece

Story and photos provided by LaRitz Salon & Spa

Spring and summer always bring about change. Weather, season, and hairstyles are just a few things most commonly changed. In the past few months, several clients have wanted to update their winter locks. Some subtle, some dramatic. While most guests are going lighter for the summer months, some are choosing to return closer to their natural color. There are a few important things to remember when changing your color.

What is your level of commitment? This is a question we always ask when a guest is wanting a completely new look. If you are one to change every few months, a color that fades off naturally might be the best option. If you are wanting to go from really dark to really light, a certain level of commitment is needed because it will most likely take several visits before the final look is achieved. To maintain your new look, the average color client must return to the salon every four to six weeks. Our main goal is to provide you with the perfect look and maintain the integrity of your hair at the same time.

What is your at-home maintenance? Take home product is a must for keeping your new locks looking like the day you got it colored. Redken’s Color Extend and Color Extend Magnetics are our “go to” for maintaining vibrant color results. Color Extend is perfect for the guest who spends time in the outdoors. It uses UVA and UVB filters to offer anti-fading protection. Cranberry oil moisturizes and conditions hair. Also, ceramides strengthen the hair for strong, long-lasting results. Color Extend Magnetics has been an amazing addition to the Color Extend family. It is a sulfate free system that provides targeted protection from root to tip. It also easily detangles.  

At LaRitz Salon & Spa, we love creating new color looks for our guests. When you are ready, our staff would love to consult and come up with the perfect new style with you. To set up a reservation, call 405-372-8223 or visit us at 115 W McElroy.

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