Makeover Masterpiece

Story and Photos provided by LaRitz Salon & Spa


Katie Hickerson has been a guest at LaRitz Salon & Spa for over two years. She is a student and the Assistant Manager at C. Star Management. Katie enjoys kayaking and painting. She’s an only child and she gives her parents credit for her grounded, spunky, free-spirited personality. Since coming to LaRitz, Katie has had many different styles but this is definitely the most dramatic change she’s made. She wanted something that better reflected her personality.

Before getting started, her stylist, Audrey, explained that this look was going to be a lot more maintenance than her current look. After Katie agreed, they started discussing different shades of gray and silver. Since her current root area was grown out so far, Audrey had to balayage blonde up closer to her scalp to give a more blended effect while also dragging a dark charcoal down to give it more depth and contrast. After rinsing, they applied the selected silver shade to the mid-shaft and ends. This created a beautiful transition from dark to light.

Now that her color was just right, it was time to focus on the perfect cut for Katie. She was looking for something easy to style, but still shapely and sassy. Audrey took quite a bit of length off the back and left it longer around her face for a dramatic diagonal forward bob. She added a few layers, but mainly texturized internally with a razor to add lots of movement to the style. As if that wasn’t enough, Katie wanted to take it one step further. Audrey took a one inch section over the ear and shaved it just around Katie’s face. This is a subtle, but bold technique to give the haircut its own flare.


Katie and Audrey are both in love with her bold new look. Although these fashion colors are so much fun, they do require a lot more maintenance. Colors like these are Demi-permanent; meaning they only last a few weeks. If you’re wanting to upkeep the fashion shades, be prepared to visit the salon more often. On the other hand, these are also a great option for someone wanting to try something a little wild without the commitment. Both options are great as long as you understand what you’re getting into. Our talented staff would be happy to help you find the sassy new style that will bring out your personality. Call LaRitz Salon & Spa at 405-372-8223, come by 115 W McElroy, or visit for more information!