Makeover Masterpiece

Story and photos provided by LaRitz Salon & Spa

Have you ever considered cutting your hair into a pixie? I think we all have at some point in our lives because there’s nothing classier than a woman confident enough to let go of her hair. Audrey started her short haircut series wanting women to know they could still be beautiful and feminine without their long hair. She’s been having so much fun playing with different short styles and creating new looks personalized to each of her guests. Kylie Payne and Ashley Reeder were two of the beautiful women who felt inspired to make a dramatic change with their haircut. They both agreed that they wanted a sassy and fun look while still looking professional.

Kylie Payne (brunette) is currently a student at Oklahoma State University. Her hobbies include volunteering at St. Andrew’s Thrift Shop, taking her dogs to the dog park, and spending time with friends! After Audrey finished styling out her new crop, Kylie has this to say, “I was in shock at first. I never in my life expected to go as short as I did, but the end result was amazing and fit me so well. Every time people see me all they can talk about is how cute it is and how it’s perfect for me!” Kylie explained that her hair used to take up so much time trying to get it the way she wanted. Now, she can just hop out of the shower and let it air dry and it’s perfect! If she chooses to curl it, it’s so much easier and no matter what she does to her hair, it always seems perfect!

Ashley Reeder (blonde) is assistant to the Director of Public Relations & Marketing at Stan Clark Companies (Eskimo Joe’s, Mexico Joe’s, MoJo’s Rock ’n’ Bowl Grill, etc.) She also works at Eskimo Joe’s as a server. She is really into art and has her own business customizing chalkboards and painted canvases. Ashley enjoys reading Harry Potter and anything by Jane Austen. She recently decided to grow out the shaved parts of her hair (left side and undercut). Because of that, Ashley’s hair was in a really awkward stage and needed a new shape very badly. One of Ashley’s favorite things about having short hair is how little effort it requires to keep up. She felt as though Audrey did a great job keeping that in mind. Here’s Ashley’s reaction to her new look, “I really love it. And I posted a couple of the pictures that Audrey took on Facebook and got an overwhelmingly positive response. Nearly 200 likes and over 30 comments total.”

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