Making a Difference

Story by Sally Finnegan

“The mission of the Cimarron Valley Humane Society is much broader than simply saving dogs and cats,” Angie Higgins of the CVHS said. They dedicate time and resources to improving the relationship between people and animals.

Located in Cushing, Cimarron Valley Humane Society is a “foster based no-kill rescue group dedicated to saving animals in local rural shelters,” Angie said.

CVHS is a nonprofit animal rescue organization that helps local animal shelters avoid euthanizing dogs that could still be adopted. “In the past 7 years with the partnership from Cushing Animal Control we have helped them save 90% of the dogs coming through the shelter,” Angie said.

Before their relationship with local shelters, less than half were kept alive, due to lack of space. The Cimarron Valley Humane Society helps different small shelters in Payne County and pet owners find a new home for animals they can no longer care for—contributing to avoiding strays within and outside Stillwater City limits.

On average the shelter handles 300 animals that need homes in order to help homeless animals; and because CVHS is completely foster based, they depend heavily on the community for help.

“We are always lacking foster homes,” Angie said.  “There are far more puppies and kittens being born than there are good homes for.” With some cases, fostering an animal for as short as one or two weeks can save a homeless dogs life at a shelter.  

“We are 100% volunteer ran and 100% funded by donations. Committed foster homes are the backbone of our program and are always greatly needed,” Angie said.  

The biggest difference CVHS makes is through fostering and spaying and neutering of animals in the community. A main service CVHS provides in order to save animals is transportation to other rescues, usually spending around $150 per dog for medical expenses before an animal is moved.

Beginning Nov. 23 through Dec. 23, the Cimarron Valley Humane Society will hold a Holiday Bazaar that will benefit animals by raising money to transport them to other rescues.  The Holiday Bazaar will be open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday noon to 5p.m. beginning Nov. 23. Vendors will be located at B&C Business Products, 113 W. 9th Street in downtown Stillwater.

You can find more information on the Cimarron Valley Humane Society and their Holiday Bazaar on Facebook.