Monday at Modella

Story provided by Modella Gallery

Continue the new year with feel good music, with Monday at Modella on Jan. 13, 2020. This Monday at Modella will feature And Then There Were Two, Chad Sullins, and Reverend Hylton. Doors will open at 7:15 pm and the music will start at 7:30 pm.

The musicians playing this Monday originate from folk and Red Dirt backgrounds. Residing in Oklahoma and Atlanta, the musicians share the same love for Red Dirt, Americana music. And Then There Were Two formed in 2015 with Amy Carlin Lee, Austin K. Haworth and Chad Varnell. They play music of good times and bad times, but always bringing a crowd together. The band got started over a couple drinks and some bad breakups. Amy and Austin bonded over their love for music, and began to write songs together. Eventually, Austin introduced Amy to a friend of his named Chad. And then, just like that there were three.

Chad Sullins will also be performing at the January Monday at Modella. Chad was born and raised in Oklahoma. Since Sullins was 16 years old, he has been playing the guitar and writing songs. Sullins has lived throughout the south, picking up different beats and sounds he was drawn to; But Red Dirt country music was just his thing.

In addition to And Then There Were Two and Chad Sullins, Reverend Hylton is set to perform this Monday at Modella. Reverend Hylton hails from Atlanta, Georgia, with deep blue grass roots and Red Dirt beats. He tours the nation in a bus, stopping from one city to the next. Sharing stories and experiences of heartbreak, addiction and traveling.  He has always had a love for music, he started playing the trombone when he was 16. Reverend Hylton says playing music helps him “stay sane in this sometimes insane world. “