Obesity in Oklahoma

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Many significant challenges are facing the medical field; however, obesity is one of the highest priorities. Recent statistics that have been published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that more than 42 percent of all adults in the USA qualify as obese. Because obesity can lead to numerous long-term health complications, this needs to be addressed quickly. Obesity is also a major problem in Oklahoma, specifically. 

Statistics on Obesity in Oklahoma 

Unfortunately, Oklahoma itself is struggling mightily when it comes to obesity. Less than half of all adults in Oklahoma are achieving the recommended amount of exercise per week. This gets worse when people realize that more than 30 percent of adults in Oklahoma have not done any physical activity at all during the past month. 

Furthermore, statistics that the CDC has published show that two-thirds of all adults in Oklahoma are overweight, with more than 30 percent of them qualifying as obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30. 

Taking a Look at Obesity Closer to Home 

You rarely hear about positive change in terms of the obesity epidemic, but the people in Payne County, Oklahoma, are making positive change. Based on anonymous and voluntary information shared by Payne County visitors to the Dietspotlight.com website: 

Men average 250 pounds and have a BMI of 32.1. That’s well within the obesity range. However, women weigh, on average, about 166 pounds with a BMI of 27. That BMI is just in the overweight range. 

Now, here’s where the excellent news comes into play. “The average pounds to lose in Payne is 49 pounds. That is 24% lower than the state average of 65 pounds and 16% lower than the country average of 59 pounds,” according to Dietspotlight research. 

Fortunately, for those who are looking for a way to address weight issues in Oklahoma, there are a few resources available. 

Resources for Help with Obesity in Oklahoma 

Some of the resources that are available for help with obesity in Oklahoma include: 

● Learn to make healthy choices with Shape Your Future OK 

● Banding Together Support Group at the Foundation Bariatric Hospital of Oklahoma in Edmond, OK 

● The INTEGRIS Weight Loss Center in OK

● Consider Taking a Free Weight Loss Class from the OKC County of Health With a firm plan of action, everyone can place themselves in a position to recover. 

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