OnCue Partners with PCYS to support Safe Place

Story provided by Payne County Youth Services

Stillwater-based company, OnCue Express, has been giving back since 2017 with their Charitable Collectors’ Cup Program. This year, OnCue has selected Safe Place as the benefactor of the program from January 1, 2022, through March 31, 2022. For each cup purchased during this time, OnCue will donate fifty cents to local youth and family services agency, Payne County Youth Services.

Safe Place is a national program that relies on community initiative and support to provide local youth with immediate help in times of crisis. In Stillwater and surrounding areas, Safe Place is operated by Payne County Youth Services. PCYS provides on-site training for Safe Place partners in Stillwater, Cushing, Glencoe, Perkins, Ripley, and Yale. The recognizable yellow Safe Place sign lets youth know they can ask for help at the business or organization where the sign is displayed; in Stillwater, all OnCue locations are Safe Place Partners. 

“Having OnCue on board with our Safe Place program is a great asset to the work we do – they are dispersed throughout town, which provides walkable access to help for many youths. We are so grateful for this extra step OnCue has taken in choosing PCYS and Safe Place to receive extra support from their Charitable Collectors’ Cup program,” said Angie Freeny, PCYS Safe Place Coordinator. 

Youth can text the word “safe” to the number 4HELP (44357) to receive a list of Safe Place locations in their area. For more information, visit pcys.org, oncueexpress.com/OnCue-gives, or nationalsafeplace.org.