OSU and City partner to replace section of Knoblock; includes intersection of Miller and Knoblock

Media Release

Residents may have noticed road closures near Knoblock Street and Miller Avenue. These closures are a result of a joint reconstruction project between Oklahoma State University and the City of Stillwater to replace the east and west sides of Knoblock Street, as well as the intersection of Miller and Knoblock. Road closures are anticipated through the end of June.

The project is administered by OSU and originally included plans for replacing the west side of Knoblock from Miller Avenue to Matthews Avenue. The City opted to add funding to the project and extend the reconstruction to include both sides of Knoblock and the intersection of Knoblock and Miller.

See the City’s planned roadwork for 2020 at http://stillwater.org/page/home/government/current-projects/transportation-projects/2020-construction.