Pine, Bamboo, and Plum Blossom

“The Three Friends of Winter”
(Motifs inspired by nature in Japanese textiles) at Modella Gallery

Story and images provided by Modella Gallery

A collection of Japanese textiles will be on display at the Modella Gallery, 721 South Main Street, in Stillwater from March 7th to April 6th, with public reception, Thur., March 7, at 6 pm.

Gene Halleck, collector, will give a gallery talk and recital on Sun., March 10 at 1:30 pm to introduce the different kinds of textiles and to discuss the symbolism represented in these colorful examples of Japanese textile art as well as to indicate how they can be used as decorative art objects in contemporary and traditional homes. Dr. Halleck will perform music on the 13-stringed Japanese koto. The program will consist of a selection of pieces from the classic koto repertoire as well as several modern pieces by contemporary composers.

Although heavy, brocade silk obi and silk kimonos are no longer prominent in Japanese wardrobes (except for Geisha), they can be used as decorative accents in contemporary and modern homes: as table runners, wall hangings or draped on furniture such as pianos, piano benches, chests, and mantels. They can be repurposed as pillow covers, chair covers, or picture frames.

In addition to a variety of different obi types, the exhibit will include some antique Japanese silk kimonos, and antique Japanese musical instruments. Many of the textiles on display will be for sale.

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