PSA: School zones active regardless of distance learning

Stillwater Public Schools (SPS) have transitioned to distance learning for the week of Aug. 24, and this has left some residents wondering: are school zones still active? The answer: yes. Stillwater residents can expect all school zones to be active and enforced for the academic year, regardless of current in-person or online instruction methods.

According to SPS Assistant Superintendent Dana Renner, even in times of distance-learning, SPS runs 12 buses daily for Special Education students across the district and also buses for extracurricular activities. Staff are on site daily with children.

“It is our utmost priority to keep our community’s children safe. Because of this, the Stillwater Police Department will not take any risks regarding school zones when students may be present,” Public Information Officer Kyle Gibbs said. “Residents should expect to comply with schools zones, even during times of distance learning, and violators could be cited up to $260.”

The City of Stillwater continues to collaborate with SPS, among other community partners, on safety concerns related to COVID-19. Residents may view the district’s Back to School 2020 Plan at