Stillwater Public Schools announces revised safety protocols

Story provided by Stillwater Public Schools

At a special board meeting on Friday, the Stillwater Board of Education voted unanimously to approve revisions to current safety protocols that allow for all grade levels to return to five-days-per-week, in-person instruction following Spring Break.

In a letter to parents announcing potential changes, Superintendent Marc Moore said, “The dynamic nature of this COVID-19 pandemic creates the need for SPS to react and respond when factors change. Since approving the spring safety protocols over two weeks ago, two significant factors have changed.” 

Moore cited vaccine efforts by the district and updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control that provided more clarity on developing pathways for reopening schools. Recent community infection rates have also been trending sharply downward.

Under the current and revised protocols, SPS will no longer adjust school status in reaction to the state’s weekly COVID-19 Alert Levels. A virtual learning option remains for those who would prefer that method of instruction, and transitions into that option will be allowed. 

Moore stated in his letter, “A global pandemic does still exist, and the possibility does remain that conditions, such as an outbreak or a large number of staff absent due to quarantines, may warrant a temporary closure of individual sites across the district.” All existing safety procedures will remain in place including required face coverings, physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, handwashing, enhanced cleaning, and quarantines based on contact tracing.