The Secret to a Long Life

Driving Instructor Tania Vargas-Gonzalez.

Story provided by Cowboy Driving Academy

For ages humanity has been asking the question of how to achieve eternal life. From witches and magic, to the quest for the Holy Grail the human race has come up short in the quest for eternal life. While we don’t have the answer to that age-old question, we do have the secret to a long life. 

The number one fatality for 16 year olds in the United States is an automobile collision. It only makes sense that to live a long life you have to make it past puberty. In order to help fight these powerful statistics, Cowboy Driving Academy has teamed up with Coaching New Drivers to provide a brand new video series to help parents instruct new drivers and to help teens feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Cowboy Driving Academy Driver’s Education Parent Meeting.

Coaching New Drivers is a video series that includes Coaching from the Passenger Seat to help parents learn new techniques and laws to instruct their new driver on the road. Danger Zone Training is the second part of the video series that walks new drivers through the major danger zones that lead to the majority of collisions. Driver inexperience, distracted driving, driving with teen passengers, reckless driving, and drowsy driving are among the top danger zones that lead to collisions involving young drivers.

Now you may be asking yourself if you have made it past puberty what could our secret offer you now? If you have your driver’s license, especially the longer you have your license, getting behind the wheel can become an everyday routine such as brushing your teeth. As people become used to the routine it can become easy to let your guard down while driving. 

When most people hear the term ‘impaired driving’ most minds immediately jump to drinking or drug use behind the wheel. Although these are major sources of impaired driving, eating, applying makeup, using a cell phone, or daydreaming can be just as deadly while driving. To combat complacency behind the wheel, Cowboy Driving Academy conducts Defensive Driving courses in three cities every two weeks. Our defensive driving course covers new state laws, how to drive in inclement weather, how to combat inattention, how to avoid accidents, road rage, and more. The course is $50 and is equivalent to an insurance discount of 10% over 3 years. At the conclusion of the 6 hour course, a certificate will be provided to turn into vehicle insurance companies. The course can be taken every 3 years for continued discounts.

Cowboy Driving Academy Owner Brad Finely and student Evelynne Kirkpatrick after she passed her Driver’s License Test with CDA.

The search is over. The secret to a long life is safety behind the wheel. Travel is a necessity to human life. We travel to work. We travel for vacation. We travel for the holidays. Whether you are driving or riding, our staff at Cowboy Driving has over 600 years of experience combined training drivers in the classroom and behind the wheel. We are located in Stillwater, Perry, Enid, Ponca City, Woodward, and Oklahoma City, with four brick and mortar locations, two driving schools, thirty state certified instructors, and two Designated Driver License Examiners.  For more information contact Cowboy Driving Academy at 405.338.1032 or visit them online at