Thrifty Butterfly: Fashion that helps others

If you’ve got twenty bucks in your pocket and looking to “pop some tags” then Stillwater is a great place to be with its plethora of thrift shops. It’s easy to feel good about your thrifty ways knowing that many of our local resale shops benefit nonprofits and charities. Last fall, Wings of Hope introduced its own spin on the thrift shop in an effort to support its mission–The Thrifty Butterfly.

Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services receives donated clothing throughout the year to benefit the clients that it serves. So much, in fact, that after distributing to their clients, the organization was taking a good portion of those donations to other thrift stores in town. Leadership saw the excess donated clothing as an opportunity to generate revenue while giving clients a chance to choose their own clothing.

Wings of Hope Executive Director Marie Abraham-Robinson said, “Often times victims of domestic violence don’t have a lot of choices. The Thrifty Butterfly provides them with a chance to make their own choices.”

The Thrifty Butterfly is set up like a boutique, has reasonable prices, and various sizes of clothing. They even provide fittings. “I consider myself to be very fashion forward,” said Director Abraham-Robinson, “and I shop there. I buy something almost every week.”

The Thrifty Butterfly is located in the 1593 Cimarron Plaza and is open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Follow them on Facebook at

The shop has a wide variety of accessories to choose from as well as clothing and shoes.